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Buy Luminous Battery Online

Luminous is one of the leading manufacturers in India that produce high-quality inverter batteries. They mainly produce flat plate and tubular based inverter batteries, which would fulfill the demands of the Indian people. Our List of Luminous Batteries include batteries of different specifications and ratings. All batteries of luminous are designed in such a way that it would need low-level maintenance and last for a longer time period.

Basic features of Luminous Batteries
Luminous offer a wide range of batteries that would range from 60Ah to 220Ah and its back up time duration would vary from 30 minutes to 12 hours. Lots of customers, who would Buy Luminous Battery Online, generally prefer to choose tubular based inverter batteries. Tubular construction of these batteries would ensure the uniform distribution of positive charge that would help the battery to provide superior performance. These batteries would also feature high corrosion resistant, durable body, and oxidation resistant gauntlet for giving a high rate of performance.

Our services  
All batteries available under our Luminous Battery Price list are 100% genuine and original. The warranty period of the luminous battery offered by the company is up to 75months.  We also offer multiple payment options to our customers along with free installing and delivery service.

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